2019 Festival Aug 14 – 25

IndyFringe Talks

News, views, reviews and show notes from the Indy Fringe community

Merry Magic Takes Stage

The Great and Powerful Tim Saves Christmas was a mash-up of comedy, Christmas, raunchy humor, and magic. Imagine the plot of The Santa Clause and taking it on a few adult twists and turns and adding a dash of Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch, A Christmas Carol, and...

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Taking Heat

How do you make climate change funny? You weave in a few funny personal stories, tell surfer jokes, impersonate a few well known and not so well known personalities. And you are a biologist turned comedian. And by the way, enjoyed the eye candy – not a bad guy to look...

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Behind the Scenes, Performer Profiles

There is so much more to the festival than what you see on stages.  There are stories of the performers, writers, and directors who come to the festival from around the country and around the corner.  This year, IndyPeeps Amy and Larry are interviewing a series of...

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Jason Adams is a GD Mindreader

"Jason Adams is a Goddamn Mind Reader" is hysterical - you don't need to be a fellow mind reader to know that! Jason Adams' approach to comedy and magic creates a truly unforgettable experience unlike anything else at IndyFringe Festival. He is a storyteller as well...

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Overcoming your fear of clowns is worth it - this show from A Muse Zoo sparkles with wit and satire! Don't miss it during the IndyFringe Festival! "THE TRUTH*" is an original and eccentric comedy that is over-the-top and skillfully performed. The performers are...

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They Shall Take Up Serpents

Are you ready for a glimpse into a world quite foreign from yours? And like me are you curious about life in Appalachia, coal mining and snake handling?  I was impressed by the cast’s ability to give us insight into such a different world, I confess to being quite...

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Atlanta Burning

In sharp contrast to some of the song, dance and high comedy of the festival, Atlanta Burning is a serious presentation of the William Tecumseh Sherman's march to Atlanta during the civil war. For those of you not familiar with the civil war, this is considered to be...

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