2017 Festival Aug 17 – 27th

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Hell’s 4th Ring (The Mall Musical)

Okay, here’s the truth. I had no idea what this performance was about before I went to Hell’s 4th Ring. My wife was away at a conference. I Love IndyFringe, and I saw it was opening night for a new play. The performance began at 7:30. I had a sound system to set up at...

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Betsy Carmichael’s BINGO Palace

Hit the jackpot with Betsy Carmichael’s BINGO Palace during the 13th Annual IndyFringe Festival! The zany, energetic show from Betsibu Productions will have you laughing, dancing, and yelling “O what?” with Betsy Carmichael. Your heart will go zingo when you use the...

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More Heard on the Street

We shared a few notes from one of our board members recently.  Here's a few more comments from one of our guests about the festival. The show quality--including several locals, was first-rate! Even after many years in the audience or behind the scenes,l I saw a number...

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Spare the Rod

This is a power personal performance given by Paris Crayton III! He describes his life with an abusive mother, a dad that worked all the time, but found some comfort and happiness with his friends playing baseball. He uses rap to describe surviving his mother's...

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Ruble with A Cause : Survivor’s Guilt

Kevin Ruble has a story to tell, and he does it so eloquently for the curveballs life decided to throw at him. He grew up in a trailer park with his mother. His father took off when Kevin was very young, he didn't meet him until later in life. His mother remarried and...

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