2016 Festival Aug 18 – 28th

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Silken Veils

Finally, the intense, and borderline too long, "Silken Veils" tells through puppetry, music, and well-designed projections the story of an Iranian-American woman's hysterical balking at marriage to a man she clearly loves. The imploring groom spends most of the play...

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Elsie and Frances and the Fairies

I must pass quickly over the remaining four pieces with brief mentions, and not because I didn't like them. Zach Young uses Annie Lennox's "Missionary Man" to get the ball rolling with bounce and swagger. In "Fragmented Dreams," Marte Osiris Madera spins floating...

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Divas Workshop

Something peculiar to the aura that pop divas gather around themselves engenders optimism, even when they move into torch songs and other expressions of doubt and pain. That probably accounts for the upbeat feeling pervading the nine pieces assembled for Dance...

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Immaculate Big Bang

Friday we caught the opening of The Immaculate Big Bang by comedian Bill Santiago of New York, New York: "Sparked by the death of his father and birth of his daughter, Comedian Bill Santiago goes in search of answers and laughs at the border of science and religion,...

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Bad Brother

Probing and interpreting one's past is a lifelong project for just about anyone unwilling to undertake the thankless labor of disowning it. Most of us are better off facing up to it, even the cringe-worthy bits. Loren Niemi and James Solomon Benn shoulder the task...

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We know so little about Shakespeare's life that every doubtful bit of gossip has its allure. One of them concerns his death at 52, shortly after the playwright retired to his native Stratford. It's said he got together with a couple of fellow literary stars — Michael...

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More to Come! Manic Monday

Give us a day or two to gather our notes and photos from this jam-packed opening weekend, and we will post more interviews with patrons, performers, and the indefatigable volunteers. We want to offer readers a deeper insight into the artist's process rather than just...

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Class Grass & Ass

If I had a strong singing voice, I would want to grow up to be jazz star Deb Mullins. This show was just so much fun. Felt like Mullins had gathered her besties as back up singers, a solid band and an audience to play along as she sang her favorites. Costume changes...

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