2018 Festival Aug 16 – 26

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Ruble with A Cause : Survivor’s Guilt

Kevin Ruble has a story to tell, and he does it so eloquently for the curveballs life decided to throw at him. He grew up in a trailer park with his mother. His father took off when Kevin was very young, he didn't meet him until later in life. His mother remarried and...

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A Fatal Step

Film Noir, literally 'black film or cinema', describes a genre of dark, American crime and detective films produced in the late 1940's. Jill Vice brings the classic elements of this genre to the stage. She is completely at home in the role of a femme fatale, conniving...

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Heard on the Street

If you see board member and long-time fringe fan, Martha Karatz on the street during the festival be sure to stop and ask her what she has seen, and what she loved.  Here are just a few snippets of what she is likely to say: Josephine So moving and so well executed,...

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Mike and Ronny: A Love Story

Why see the show?  Cast member, Fawzia Istrabadi, says, "It's a funny take on US history, that weirdly parallels today's political climate, and it'll just be a fun show to watch."  I agree.  Mike and Ronny is funny and at times a little slapstick and a little silly....

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Black in the Box

An inadvertent commentary on what made the late Dick Gregory special came through in the one-man IndyFringe festival show "Black in the Box," which I saw at the Phoenix UndergroundSunday  afternoon....

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Save Me, Dolly Parton

This show isn’t about a pregnant feminist it’s about life.  “Whether you're a parent or not, a feminist or not, a Dolly Parton fan or not (who's not?), Gogerty will leave you laughing in this comic, freewheeling memoir.” -- Original Works The Actor The initial first...

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Red Couch

Trumpets sound, cymbals crash, and violins quiver as two people find love in Red Couch on the TOTS Mainstage. The show is full of fancy footwork and flirtatious energy as two dancers bring to life a story inspired by the book “I Like You.” This award-winning...

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Left Hander in London

Left Hander in London is a close up look at the transition of a man to a transgender woman. JJ Marie is local businessperson, loving spouse, parent and grandparent. He also used to be Joe. Left Hander in London explores how awkward life was before he embraced his true...

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The Best of Indy Magic Monthly Volume 2

Comedy was threaded throughout Volume 2 of "The Best of Indy Magic Monthly" later that evening at Theatre on the Square, the home of Taylor Martin's productions for the past nine years. Beginning next month the series will move to the IndyFringe Indy Eleven Theatre...

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Approaching Happiness

Two years ago I took in Krish Mohan's debut as an Indy Fringe performer. I found him funny but unfocused and more than a little squeamish about identity issues. The son of immigrants from India, brought to the US as a child, the slender Pittsburgh-based comedian...

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Mother Night

People with large book collections have to endure mysterious losses over the years. The one I regret most is my autographed paperback copy of "Mother Night." With a crinkly smile, Kurt Vonnegut signed my purchase at an Ann Arbor bookstore in 1968 or early 1969. It was...

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