2016 Festival Aug 18 – 28th

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Uberview from the Heartland

D. Paul Thomas takes us along as he drives the streets of Indianapolis as an Uber driver. Thomas is blessed with one of those deep and soothing voices that could be saying anything at all just please don't stop speaking. This is masterful storytelling at it's finest,...

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Carve: August 19 2016

Carve is more than the collaboration of Motus Dance and the Orkestra Project. It is a fusion of sound and space, the tangible and emotive, and of the simple and profound. The dancers' bodies morphed into instruments of sound and vice versa. An interconnectedness...

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Silken Veils: August 20 2016

War is personal. Tragic. While some have experienced the loss and horror of political revolution at their doorsteps, all of us have personally experienced the battle of heartache and loss in some capacity or context. Silken Veils brings the two together across...

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Sleeping Beauty

Take everything you think you know about this story from the Walt Disney Version and turn it on it's head. This version of the story is set in Salem, Mass in an era of witch trials and superstition. The story is not really about Brier Rose four witches who battle over...

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Spaghetti Western 3D

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding "Spaghetti Western 3D" during this year's festival. While standing in line for other shows this weekend, I received many recommendations from other Fringers and this particular show was often praised. The words "hilarious,"...

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Rhythm Chronicles

If you love tap, you’ll love this show. It is enjoyable, fun and you might even learn something. The audience is treated to an African dance and an Irish dance, both by lovely young ladies who help to explain the origins of tap. This nearly sold-out show, created by...

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The Amish Project review

When tragedy hits it affects so many - even those outside of the community it happened to. People you wouldn't even of caring, do, and oftentimes deeply. This show deals with the events of the 2006 shooting of ten Amish schoolgirls and what it did to all those who...

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Beyond Ballet

I was not surprised in the slightest to see a line forming almost 30 minutes before seating started for the Sunday matinee performance of "Beyond Ballet" in front of Theatre on the Square on Mass Ave. Three of the festival's dance shows (including this one) have been...

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Don’t Miss Out See Calder the Musical

Buy your tickets online as the remaining performances are sure to sell out! In song and dance with a full cast, Calder the Musical traces Alexander Calder’s life back in time from the exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1978. Calder with the help of...

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DIVAS review

The concept for this workshop is simple, divas. Each choreographer chose a diva that they admire, and then had to create a piece. What came next, and now can be watched this fringe, is anything short of stunning. This production is a Dance Kaleidoscope feature with...

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