2017 Festival Aug 17 – 27th

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Black Lives Matter (Too)

Its the word "too" that's important. The audience was greeted with these word. s by playwright Angela Jackson-Brown (Jackson Brown Entertainment) at the Indianapolis Firefighter's Museum. "Its not that ONLY black lives matter. Black lives matter too." The description...

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The Gab

Zach and Zack are back with another comedy hit.  You may remember this production company from hits like Holy Ficus and The Great Bike Race.  This year, they bring us hilarious a behind the scenes look at an afternoon talk show. The show has all the elements we have...

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This Year in Despair

From the moment Peter John Byrnes opened his comedy routine comparing the Trump presidency to a bad come over, "neither covers anything up well and both are loved by old, white men" I knew I was in for an hour of laughs, with a strong dose of political humor. There is...

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Fear of Flowers

Do men and women talk about sex differently? Let's face it we have stereotypes. We assume men will be more direct in their conversations about sex and more willing to "get to it".  We assume women want to talk about it, be and be in the mood. So what happens when the...

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Busted Bumpers and Other Metaphors

Alexx Rouse, writer, and performer of Busted Bumpers and Other Metaphors, captured my attention from the very start. Her rapid fire delivery, intense body language, and real life humor captivates. You’d better hold on because it comes at you fast and furious and you...

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The Chronic Single’s Handbook

Raw, edgy, cerebral. A mix of self-analysis and lust. Funny.  Middle-aged and chronically single, Randy totally lacks an understanding of the opposite sex. His desire for only one thing from many pretty young females may be the reason why. The other is he's terrified...

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Cabaret Terrarium

There was something immediately intriguing about the pre-performance atmosphere of Cabaret Terrarium; the lighting, the backdrop, the croaking frogs … it all came together to create a cool jungle vibe. Once the show started and we met Gustav, a man with a passion for...

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