IndyFringe 2017

After our first performance at 719E St Clair Street.

With the passing of RL Young I thought you would like to see a photo from our first performer lunch at 719E St Clair Street.
Those of us left after lunch grabbed a chance for a photo for RL.  Over the years he kept it on his desk.

RL is centre second row between myself and Ann Ryder (creator of our gorgeous IndyFringe garden)

This photo was take before RL Young agreed to allow us to rent the building which later became our volunteer HQ and home of our first ever festival after party.  Phil Van Hest is upper right hand back row.  He was MC the night of the after party.  We had temporary lights and
it was dark, dingy and hot.  Despite that, or maybe because of it, we had a great party which ended around 4am.

The first of many at 719 E. St Clair Street.