2nd Annual "Tap Cabernet"

You are sure to leave this show with a smile on your face and maybe even a slight buzz!

Circle City Tap Company

Are you looking for a good time (and some cheap wine)? Great news – the Second Annual Tap Cabernet presented by the Circle City Tap Company is just for you! This is the company’s first full production since the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a toe-tapping good time! The show has a silly, fun energy that is infectious, along with familiar music and awesome tap dancing. Everyone in the company has different colored tap shoes, too, which is a small yet delightful detail.

The Circle City Tap Company was founded in 2012 as a haven for tap dancers to practice their craft and share their love of dance with the Indianapolis community! It’s the only professional tap company in the Hoosier state, performing both locally and across the state and region.

Dancers: Tanya Radisich, Jeffrey Bird, Jr., Lora Dingledine, and Ashley Lain

For opening night, owner and executive director Lorenda Carr took to the stage in a fantastic tiara and sash. She was celebrating her 50th birthday and expected to be able to sit this show out. However, due to the illness of a company member, was asked to step in. Though it took a little convincing, Lorenda agreed, saying “Wait, there’s wine? Even better.” She then regaled us with another talent while the company danced to “Red, Red Wine.” It’s a very long song, which made it even funnier.

Next up was a fantastic number set to “Fireball” by Pitpull. The show may be focused on wine, but there is room to celebrate all kinds of libations with fancy footwork and group numbers. It’s hard not to dance along; try to stay seated if you can! The number is fast-paced and fun.

French fries (replaced with COVID-friendly fare) and champagne anyone?

At one point the audience was served COVID-safe snacks as part of the show. Talk about service with a smile and tap! It was an unexpected surprise, and quite delicious! To ensure you get a snack during this number, sit close to the stage. The dancers only have a limited amount of time to pass out goodies! There is also time allotted for audience members to refill their drinks at the Athenaeum’s bar located right outside the theater.

After a little snack, you can expect more great tap dancing and comedy. One highlight is a number featuring “good ole fashioned hoofing” that will take you back in time (in the best possible way). You can also look forward to some very cool moves with a cane prop, and even some singing from one of the company members! The entire show is interactive. It’s perfect for Fringers who like to be a part of the action! When the dancers ask for voluteers, don’t be shy. The show can’t go on without help from the audience!

The finale is an absolute blast. Be on the look out for some fabulous accessories and incredible tap dancing. You will most likely be familiar with the song; don’t hold back if you want to sing along, and don’t forget to clap! Once the last number concludes, be on the lookout for a tap dancing tradition.

Presented in a cabaret style, this show combines wine with tap dance and just a splash of comedy! 

You can purchases tickets here.