Fairly Godmother and Associates  is a modern take on the familiar story of Cinderella told from the Fairy Godmother’s perspective. I related immediately to the life of the struggling entrepreneur, cling to old techniques until her friend Red convinces her to try Facebook advertising It took every ounce of restraint not to jump on stage, and offer my help!

I had a chance to see the show twice, and it was clear the performers are relaxing into their roles and having fun, especially the big bad wolf.  And the audience enjoys it as well

There are clever bits as the classic story bumps into a modern world.  I won’t spoil the ending but I think there are more than a few lessons on love, dating and independence in the modern world. I hope this talented crew will take a look at other fairy tales in the future.

Still time to see one more show. http://www.indyfringe.org/theatre-show/fairy-godmother-associates