Looking for a one-man show that will deliver witty murderous tales? Or grossly painful poems with a giggle? Stephen Vincent Giles most certainly delivers that!

This production is the in the Phoenix Underground, Basile Theater, which only helps set the joyfully dark mood. With assistance from an old school projector, and comedic cutouts, this show is a low-key, hilarious treat for those who love literary limericks.

Giles performs delightfully with minimum costume changing (a coat rack stands at the side of the stage with a trench, hat and a scarf) and display of excellent memory. I would love to know how he selected his pieces for this show since these are all very uniquely morbid, back-in-the-day stories.

A Darkly Humorous Time might be a hidden gem for this fringe festival season. If you’re looking for something that’s slightly off the beaten path of comedy, this is the show for you!

photocredit: Dan Axler