If you haven’t been to the Phoenix Underground theater for a show yet, make sure you get there before the IndyFringe Theatre Festival concludes on August 28. The space is comfortable, and one of the eight great shows on rotation is bound to strike your fancy.

“A Third Live in the High Court Here” is a thought-provoking show from Khaos Company Theater. Six characters of various ages and accents delve into cold, hard reality with a pinch of surrealism. The diverse cast provides a unique view into Cuil Theory, and explore the many, sometime painful, intricacies of life.

If you aren’t familiar with Cuil Theory (which I wasn’t), it is hypothetical unit of measurement representing one layer of abstraction from true reality, derived from a post on Reddit in Fall 2008. Apparently, One Cuil = One level of abstraction away from the reality of a situation. (Please don’t ask me to explain, I barely comprehend this myself!)

The show provides a unique interpretation of how this hypothetical measurement might be applied to real world scenarios.

What I liked best about this show was the range of emotion displayed during the performance. The cast experiences the highs and lows as the show progresses, and both come across well. I also appreciated that every character had an equal amount of “spotlight” time.

You can learn more about “A Third Live in the High Court Here” and buy tickets online here.