Believe it or not, this provocative title is the label given by the US Government to this amazing performer, Simon Coronel. A native of Australia, the promise of listening to a delicious Aussie accent inspired me to see the show. Not only did I enjoy his action, Simon had a warm, candid, charming stage presence as well.

While he is a professional illusionist by training, his show demonstrates that he is actually a scientist at heart. If you are the sort of person who enjoys learning how things work, then don’t miss this show. If you’d rather allow your illusions to go unchallenged, skip it! This illusionist happily breaks all the rules and repeats his tricks multiple times… after he’s explained a bit about how they work.

While this may sound like a recipe for a very unimpressive show, Simon’s talent guarantees that it isn’t. See, he’ll explain the simple version of the trick, he’ll repeat it a couple of times, you’ll think you can see what he’s doing, and then wham — he’ll do something even more complex so quickly you miss it entirely. A master of the slight of hand, his manual dexterity is truly extraordinary.