Imagine, you’re a camp counselor on a canoe trip with a group of prepubescent youth, that would be enough of an adventure by itself and then someone spots it. The it is a him, a dead body. Finding the dead body was only one of the many things that went wrong. What do you do when you’re trapped on the river with a dead body? You turn death into a teachable moment.

I love the way the cast simulates the canoe trip giving us a taste of the conversation of the kids and counselors out for a day trip.  Snippets of conversation both familiar sometimes funny and sometimes heartfelt and sometimes both. The characters switch from giving their eulogies to Peter at the funeral to their adventures on the river and their learning about each other and life and how they ultimately bond as a group. The cast gets kudos as they make each role distinct believable and easy to follow as they move from role to role.

I was reminded of my own camp experience many years ago – minus the dead body. Part humorous and part serious as the kids and counselors come to terms with death and being alone in the world. Sweet and poignant.

An Elegy for Peter Through
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