In sharp contrast to some of the song, dance and high comedy of the festival, Atlanta Burning is a serious presentation of the William Tecumseh Sherman’s march to Atlanta during the civil war. For those of you not familiar with the civil war, this is considered to be one of the turning points of the war.

This is an Interesting historical review performed by a distant relative who is also the author. The lead actor reads his script. It took me a moment to adjust to the dramatic reading style, but once I did, I was engrossed in the story and the facts I did not know about this period in history.

One of the most powerful lines of the play sums up how we view most historical events.

“Forget what you must, remember what you choose.”

My suggestion,  choose to see this show

Sunday Aug 19th, 7:30PM
Tuesday Aug 21st, 9:00PM
Saturday Aug 25th, 1:30PM
Sunday Aug 26th, 4:30PM