When you think of the late Sixties, media images of protests, the Vietnam War, Nixon, the Beatles, and landing on the Moon most likely come to mind. Now imagine living during this time as a member of a Catholic religious order, a life driven by the principles of poverty, celibacy and obedience. If that sparks your interest than Bad Brother: Religion and Politics in ’69 is definitely a performance you’ll want to catch during IndyFringe.

bigbrotherThe production was written and performed by Loren Niemi. Within the first 10 minutes, it’s easy to see why he was a 2016 recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He instantly won the audience over with his witty remarks as he took them through his journey, which included entering the Christian Brothers novitiate, the beginning of his FBI file, and the Milwaukee 14 Trial among other things. Of course there were some serious and sad moments, but it was all nicely woven together. There were also some time period jokes you might miss if you weren’t around in the 60’s (take Cool Hand Luke for example), and there was mature language and content, so you should definitely leave the little ones at home for this production.

Niemi shared that Saturday’s performance (8/20) was not the same exact story, but rather a version B that focuses more on race. Be sure to catch him at the Phoenix Underground Theatre at one or more of the following dates and times:

Monday, 8/22 @ 6:00 PM

Friday, 8/26 @ 9:00 PM

Saturday, 8/27 @ 4:30 PM

Sunday, 8/28 @1:30 PM

Get your tickets and more details at: http://indyfringefestival.com/productions/342. I recommend getting your tickets in advance by ordering online, just remember you still need to pick up the tangible ticket from will call when you arrive. Also, give yourself plenty of time to find parking so you don’t risk being late and missing the show!