Thirteen years ago, a friend invited me to attend a performance at the Indy Fringe Festival. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I loved it and have been a fan ever since. What is it that hooked me?

  1. Mass Ave is electric during the festival. In addition to all the people moving from show to show, there are performers chatting up the folks standing in line talking about their shows, and a lively friendly feel at every restaurant and in the beer tent. Not only is it ok to talk to strangers during the festival, it is kind of expected.
  2. The warmth of the community is part of what attracts performers from around the world to be a part of Indy Fringe. That, and the generous revenue share which allows new performers and playwrights a chance to test and refine new material.
  3. The festival slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis. What that means, is you never know what you will see. The performances are not ranked or rated before they are given a slot. Some shows are great, some are questionable, but each one is memorable in its own way.

Fourteen years and better every year.

This is the 14 th Annual Indianapolis Fringe Festival with sixty unique shows on seven different stages.  All the theaters are conveniently located in a within a few blocks along Mass Ave. As always it is a riotous celebration of theater old and new, edgy and not so.

Beginner’s Guide

If you have never been to Fringe, you are in for a treat. These  are my suggestions on ways to get the most from the experience

  • Check out the schedule and plan ahead.  With only 30 minutes between shows, it is best to buy your tickets in advance, and know where you are going.
  • Read the show descriptions and reviews, here on IndyFringeTalks, and in other publications.  Don’t be afraid to ask people on the street which shows they liked best. This is a great way to pass the time as you wait in line for the next show.
  • Make friends talk to people on the street and in the theater.  This is a great place to meet cool interesting people.  And almost everyone is friendly at Fringe.
  • Talk to the performers. Ask them about their shows. It is so much fun to see the passion and excitement as they talk about what they have created.
  • Join the conversation on Twitter( #Iloveindyfringe) and Facebook
  • Plan on attending several shows, with time in between to enjoy the activity on Mass Ave.  There is often as much going on in between the shows as there is on stage.
  • Drop by the beer tent and watch some of the free performances.
  • Go with friends, and then split up, watch different shows and compare notes.
  • Build in time for a few drinks and snacks at some of Mass Ave’s best locations.
  • Share your favorites, and come back again and again!

Something for everyone

There is magic and music, comedy, drama, and dance. Storytelling and shows which will not fit into a single box.