So nobody can remember the name of the show, Behind Every Great Mariska Hargitay is a Great Kurt Fitzpatrick, and maybe that’s the point.  A face you have undoubtedly seen if you ever watched TV but never heard, vaguely remembered.  Kurt Fitzpatrick tells of being a background actor, an extra.  A face seen, but never heard never identified.  As #17, a background actor, he was the lowliest of lowlies on the set of each show.  He humorously explores this unknown world with us as both a story teller and stand up comedian. 

Kurt weaves in and out of various possible and implausible scenarios from his real and imaged life.   I laughed.  I enjoyed the show. And yet what was the script doing on the lectern.  I felt most scenes were strong but left feeling it could be a bit more pulled together as a whole.  With a little more polish this could be great.  

Laughter, Strong Voice. Good timing.  What a shame to waste it on all those years of being in the background. 

Written by:

Kurt Fitzpatrick – Jersey City, NJ

Performance Times

Sunday Aug 18th, 4:30PM
Monday Aug 19th, 9:00PM
Friday Aug 23rd, 10:30PM
Saturday Aug 24th, 1:30PM
Sunday Aug 25th, 7:30PM

Ticket Price

$15 Adults / $12 Seniors (65 and over), Students (with ID) and Children

Audience Warnings