There is so much more to the festival than what you see on stages.  There are stories of the performers, writers, and directors who come to the festival from around the country and around the corner.  This year, IndyPeeps Amy and Larry are interviewing a series of these folks so we can get to know the people, behind the shows.

First up is Tristan Ross, the artistic director of the theater company No Holds Bard, who brings us Footworm the Musical. – Read the interview here.  

  • Loren Niemi and Laura Packer bring spine-chilling fun to the fringe.  Meet them here. 
  • Let’s play a freaking board game relies on support from the audience.  Meet the brains behind this interactive show. Read more
  • Meet the delightful crew of the hysterical Act a Foo Comedy  – Read the interview
  • Lou Ann Homan Mary and Her Monsters a little bit scary and a little bit of fun. Read the interview

When you are done reading about the performers. Come to see them!