The IndyFringe presentation of “Beneath the Surface” by The Sugar Creek Players’ Youth Troupe is a thought-provoking play. It follows four teens as they navigate the challenges that face young people in the 21st century. Although technology has certainly changed and shaped the landscape of America in 2018, people haven’t changed all that much. Regardless of the generation, we all face or have faced self-awareness and self-acceptance. Many of us have struggled with mental health issues and special needs. Everyone has to learn how to deal with family and school. And that’s why this show should be relatable to any age group.

“Beneath the Surface” follows a group of teens as they navigate the triumphs and struggles of growing up in a rural community. Join them as they deal with family, school, self-acceptance, social media, and handling problems with mental health. Learn about their stories and let us dig beneath the surface together.”

“Beneath the Surface, which follows a group of teens as they navigate the triumphs and struggles of growing up in a rural community and deal with their families, school, self-acceptance, social media, and mental health. The show was written by young actors from Montgomery County as part of the Sugar Creek Players’ Youth Troupe.” — “ Journal Review


“There are four teenagers the audience follows. Juana, a Mexican immigrant, is struggling with cultural and language barriers. Veronica, an outspoken teen activist, must grapple with inconsistencies between her public and private life. Jasper, an artist and teen on the autism spectrum, tries to navigate his way through social interactions which can be difficult for him. Lastly, Alex, a devout Christian, has a deep secret that could tear down their whole world. The characters and stories are absolutely the original thought of these troupe members.” The Paper of Montgomery County: The Paper of Montgomery County

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