Comedy was threaded throughout Volume 2 of “The Best of Indy Magic Monthly” later that evening at Theatre on the Square, the home of Taylor Martin’s productions for the past nine years. Beginning next month the series will move to the IndyFringe Indy Eleven Theatre while TOTS undergoes a substantial reboot.

Everything about “The Best” was amazing, of course. Each of Martin’s four guests was a master of ingratiating patter to accompany serial astonishment. Daniel Lee made laidback narrative out of his trickery with ropes — joining, parting, changing lengths before our eyes. Brendon Ware’s act intersected magic and comic wordplay; he depends expertly on the gimmick of  looking like someone who can’t quite do proper magic — and fools us that way.

The avuncular John West accomplished feats of classic prestidigitation with coins and their mysterious appearances and vanishings. Every time he showed us an open palm in which we expected to see something, we gasped.

The Amazing Barry took that kind of laidback persona to new levels, ending with some precarious yoga card tricks. Yoga magic is a subgenre of which he could very well be a unique master. His mastery was beyond question Saturday night. You will rarely see the correct card offered to the person who chose it by a magician’s bare foot. Sole power!