Hit the jackpot with Betsy Carmichael’s BINGO Palace during the 13th Annual IndyFringe Festival! The zany, energetic show from Betsibu Productions will have you laughing, dancing, and yelling “O what?” with Betsy Carmichael. Your heart will go zingo when you use the lingo!

This interactive comedy by Joey Bucheker and Mary Kate O’Connell stars Betsy Carmichael and features Jerry Mosey as Chip (or is it Chet dear?). It’s hard not to be charmed by Betsy’s wit and sauciness, rhinestone glasses, exotic muumuu, and beautiful big bouffant. Between live bingo calls, the dynamic duo share stories and insider secrets of the family business. You see, Betsy was exposed to bingo at a very young age, dear.

Audience participation is a must, so be ready to holler at the caller! Come prepared for a few frenzied rounds of bingo; brushing up on bingo trivia is also recommended. To increase your chances of winning a prize, there are trolls for sale to lure Lady Luck.