This year’s performance by the Indianapolis Ballet company brings something for everyone to the Fringe and really showcases the range of this extraordinarily talented dance company.  

The first half is filled with show-stopping beautiful pieces, including Yoshiko Kamikusa in a solo performance of The Swan.  Dancing in traditional white on a dark stage it looks as if she is dancing on water. 

And Diana & Actaeon Pas de Deux is playful and dramatic as Chris Linger effortlessly lifts his partner high above is head. 

But just when you think you know where the rest of the evening is going, choreographer Victoria Lyras throws us a curve ball with classical and some not so classical dance moves set to the music of the Beatles.  

If  you love ballet you will love this show. It you are not sure, or have never experienced live ballet, this is a wonderful first show. 

Aug 22 9:00

Aug 28 1:30

Aug 29 7:30

Sept 3 6:00

Sept 5 3:00