Alexx Rouse, writer, and performer of Busted Bumpers and Other Metaphors, captured my attention from the very start. Her rapid fire delivery, intense body language, and real life humor captivates. You’d better hold on because it comes at you fast and furious and you don’t want to miss anything.

She began Busted Bumpers by sharing her goal for the presentation. I conduct business seminars, and believe it’s important to state your goal at the beginning of a presentation. I was all ears. Her goal was to sell her car. Wait—what?  More on that later.

I learned that her father wasn’t the typical role model. As a young girl, Alexx thought every father took his teeth out to scare kids, sang Bob Seeger songs, and ate corn on the cob with a knife and fork.

Alexx told us about her daily 40-minute, one-way commute to school with her dad and shared their conversations. Like the time he informed her if she ever wanted to try pot her uncle, Randy sold the stuff, but he’d probably upcharge her.  Not your typical dad.

She asked, “How are you supposed to become something you don’t have an example of?”

And she shared this about her mother, “Mom worked in passive aggression like some artists work in oils.”

She talked about her dad’s political ambushes, her college roommates Wendy’s wrappers, and the proper way to eat White Castle’s in a moving car. Cram—Stack—Bury.

 But What’s Busted Bumpers About?

I’ll let Alexx answer that.  “What is your inspiration for writing Bumpers and Other Metaphors? What is it about? My inspiration for “Busted Bumpers” has actually been brewing since I was around 13 years old. My dad drove me to high school every single day and we always talked about chronicling the talks that we had which could be about everything from history, to drugs, to my high school gossip. It’s grown up into part love letter to my dad and part working through my parent’s divorce and learning to grow up. Long answer short, it’s a coming of age story that has been almost a decade in the making.” — Cincinnati Culture  by Lizzie Kibbler

And What About the Car?

Remember the goal to sell her car? The same car her dad drove her to school in, the same car she crashed on the way to college, the same car she drove on the day her parents…

Like I said, Alexx’s delivery is rapid fire. There’s too much to share in a few words, and I don’t want to give it away, but there’s more about her show you need to know. So, there’s only one answer. You have to see the show. Do me a favor, while you’re there ask her what she wants for the car and let me know. I forgot to ask.

Performance Times at TOS

Sunday Aug 20th, 7:30PM

Tuesday Aug 22nd, 9:00PM

Thursday Aug 24th, 7:30PM

Saturday Aug 26th, 4:30PM

Sunday Aug 27th, 1:30PM

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Featured image by Erika Kate MacDonald