There was something immediately intriguing about the pre-performance atmosphere of Cabaret Terrarium; the lighting, the backdrop, the croaking frogs … it all came together to create a cool jungle vibe. Once the show started and we met Gustav, a man with a passion for cabaret, the audience settled in for some zany adventure.

Given the tropical setting of the theater, I was surprised to quickly learn that Gustav had recently been found inside ice (alive!) following a mishap related to his cabaret tour of Antarctica. It was a delight to ride along with him down memory lane as the dots of his journey from the frozen tundra to the jungle connected.

It is hard not to love a hilarious character named Gnar that is both an imaginary and real friend to Gustav. He brings an excellent physical comedic element to Cabaret Terrarium as a mime who shares his friend’s passion for the art of nightclub entertainment.

Be warned: the sound of croaking frogs to disguise any laughter as a result of this duo’s hi-jinks can get loud at times. The journey of Gustav and Gnar comes to a surprising end; don’t miss it!