Chasing Temples

Did you ever feel that you needed a redo on life but weren’t sure what to do? Have you ever found yourself at a low point in life searching for something more? Betsy tells the story of her life after divorce. Like many women, Betsy felt she had not voice. She asks, “What happens when the voices of women and mothers are silenced?’ Betsy’s journey of finding her voice is bold and brave. Of course, I won’t share how he does that. Come see Chasing Temples to find out.

I feel inspired to be bolder to take more risks, to live a life outside my comfort zone filled with adventure. Betsy certainly lives by the motto of why play small when you can play big.

Betsy grew up and lives in Indiana. She has written “Autobiography of an Orgasm” and other writings and “Write On: A Daily Writing Practice for Anyone with a Story to Tell” featuring 365 writing prompts.

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