Raw, edgy, cerebral. A mix of self-analysis and lust. Funny.  Middle-aged and chronically single, Randy totally lacks an understanding of the opposite sex. His desire for only one thing from many pretty young females may be the reason why. The other is he’s terrified of commitment.  For a brilliant guy, he is more than a little clueless about women, no wonder he is still single. A cerebral comedy about one adult male who has only one thing on his brain, or should I say lower brain. As a relationship counselor, I loved his pictures and explanations of various theories about relationships.

Randy has been unlucky in love, his spreadsheet proves it, showing the dates and duration of each of his previous relationships plus his single status proves it. On a four-month severance package, he travels the world to find fulfillment or is it to pick up women?  He flits between his funny cerebral analysis of his plight to his sexual encounters, proving there may be a major disconnect between the upper and lower brain.

Does Randy gain wisdom of himself and the opposite sex or continue in his ways?

Written and performed by Randy Ross, author of God Bless Cambodia about Randy Burns an unfulfilled chronic single man who travels 5 continents on which this play is based.  The play is a mixture of truth, fiction, and fantasy.  Yes, the real Randy is a world traveler and is single.   He’s performed at fringe theater festivals in the U.S., Canada, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Saturday, Aug 19th, 7:30 PM.  Other shows August 21, 25,26, and 27.

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