Let’s face it, the original Cinderella story is a little far fetched. I mean, a poor girl, a prince, glass shoes, that could never happen today? Or could it?

In this lighthearted comedy, Princess Cindy is a modern day princess of California, and her husband the prince has a thing for shoes.

The premise is fun and there are some really cute bits.  But the show tries to cover too much in just one short hour. There are so many ways you can poke fun at the original story, and perhaps the playwright tried to take on too many in one show creating an uneven flow with some scenes and characters hitting it out of the park, on others falling a bit flat.

I am particularly fond of the Fairy godmother who is alternately flamboyant and fierce.  I also love the detective, in his Columbo-style raincoat, I think he is at his best when he is conveying his feelings in gestures and expressions adding dimension to a somewhat limited script. Several of the performers play multiple roles and make the switch between characters quite well.  Special shout out to the performer who plays both stepsisters with the perfect mix of teenage attitude and boredom.

Although this is a fairy tale, the show isn’t really for young children with some language and jokes that may not be appropriate.

Saturday Aug 18th, 1:30PM
Sunday Aug 19th, 6:00PM
Wednesday Aug 22nd, 7:30PM
Friday Aug 24th, 10:30PM
Saturday Aug 25th, 7:30PM