Climate Follies 2021

What do you do when the earth is burning? Sometimes you just laugh. What do you do when no one in power will do anything to control climate change? When the greatest threat to human existence is growing, and billions ignore it? You go on an existential rant. You rant about what is, and you rant about what might be. And you throw up your hands and laugh. This is the premise of Climate Follies. And of course, what do you do about those gas leaf blowers that seem to be everywhere?

With a variety of songs and skits – most humorous – the cast shares visions bemoaning the effects of climate change.

What if our legislators, you know those people we elected at the Indiana State House and in Congress, actually took climate change seriously, and what can you do about it? Start by contacting your legislators and know where they stand on environmental issues. Let them know that environmental policies are important to you.

For many who have walked tirelessly like Jim Poyser, the creator of Climate Follies and former editor of NUVO, sometimes you laugh, and sometimes you just throw your hands up and scream.

Buy tickets for August 28, 29, September 3, or September 4 here.