The name of this show had me at hello. A show about establishing time zones in Central Indiana? That’s like a show talking about pizza in New York City. I knew I HAD to see this show. The performing duo from the Lil Theatre Company presented a funny, enjoyable look at history suitable for the whole family. The show opens with the train conductor quizzing the audience – if Train A leaves NYC at 1:30pm D.C. bound, and the trip is one hour, what time with the train arrive?

This doesn’t sound like a trick question, but before November 18, 1883 it most certainly was. You see, it wan’t until that day that the railroad STOPPED TIME to get the country in sync to make calculating railroad schedules easier. This tidbit opens the show, and from there the audience takes a trip across the transcontinetlal railroad, meeting notable citizens along the way, including Thomas Edison, Susan B.Anthony and Annie Oakley. The bits range from super informative to super hilarious, and do a good job painting the latter-part of the 19th century.

Who should see this show? Kids around age nine and older will be able to understand it, and appreciate the humor. History buffs might know a lot of the content already, but I’d venture a guess there are a few nuggets for them to learn as well. Fans of parody songs DEFINITELY need to see this show, you’ll never think of Miley Cyrus or Beyonce the same again.

Clockstoppers was 45 minutes of looking back to where we’ve been, and a brief commentary of where we are today. It’s definitely one to put on your #IndyFringe17 list!

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