Cody Clark, A different Way of Thinking, Indy Fringe 16

Cody Clark

Cody is passionate about magic.  The magic Cody left me with was a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Although the kids in the audience would be more impressed by his magic, as a therapist and Life Coach, I’m more impressed with the obstacles he has overcome as a young adult with autism.  I’m enchanted with Cody Clark. The show is truly about empowerment and succeeding despite your obstacles.

Thumbs up for Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking.
Great to have a truly family-friendly show at Indy Fringe.

He’s been practicing magic for over half his life.  He even brought the first deck of cards he used to practice magic and told the story of how he got involved in magic, of course, while practicing magic. Born in 1993, he was diagnosed with autism.  The doctor told his parents he should be in assisted living and would never talk or say I love you, and would never do so many things “normal” kids would do.  Cody has chosen to focus on the advantages that autism has given him rather than the disadvantages.  He does not try to hire his autism but uses it to inspire and educate others while doing real magic.  The audience’s smiles, participation, and applause were real in this sold out theater.

His magic show, appropriate for all ages.  Yes, he can do magic, and he weaves in tales from his life that are positive and uplifting.  A great show for any kid (or adult) that feels different or has been bullied. Cody has presented this show at other Fringe Festivals as well as in his hometown Louisville.

Don’t miss one of the five shows left at the Theater on the Square Second Stage.  Remember to be early as once the show starts and latecomers are not admitted to Fringe shows.  For more on Cody Clark and his magic show, check out this review of  Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking from Insider Louisville,