Inviting all Muggles. Puffs is funny, in that slightly dark, insider jokes, irreverent kind of way.  I laughed and laughed.  Puffs features seven increasingly eventful years at a certain school that just happen to be the same seven years as a boy with a scar on his forehead attended that certain school, but be quite clear, this play is not about him. A lot happens in seven years in 100 minutes.

I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies in the Harry Potter series.  That is not what this Off-Off-Broadway play, Puffs,  now playing at the District Theater on Mass Ave is about.  Although having read all the books and/or seen all the movies will certainly make the jokes funnier.

Well done!  Well produced with a large energetic local cast produced by LAFF Shows and Indy Fringe.  Bravo for having a fun family-friendly show.  That is if your family does not include small children as profanity and general themes such as sex and death make this inappropriate for small children. Leave children under 13 at home.  You’ve read the books, right.

If you’re a muggle old enough to get the jokes, have read the books or seen the movies and want more laughter in your life, run, don’t walk to Puffs at the District Theater.  Or fly on your broomstick.