Photo Credit Daniel Axler

The name says it all as stand up comic, Stewart Huff challenges the audience to think about things that make sense and those that don’t. He asks us to believe that what we do matters.  His stories and jokes all tie together to support that assumption, that each of us can have an impact in the world around us.

He asks us to look at humanity critically accepting both the good and bad in all that we do. Full confession, Indy Fringe regular, Stewart Huff is one of my favorites, so perhaps I am a bit biased, but I wasn’t laughing alone
Stewart is a master storyteller, taking on on his road trips. His heartwarming story of a roadside diner in the middle of a blizzard had me cheering for the waitress.  And his tale of a bus trip through Mexico, was so vivid I could smell the chicken feathers.
This performance is not just a series of unconnected jokes. The stories and humor are tied to the central theme and woven through the evening.  That theme, that What We Do, Matters, will stay with you long after the laughter subsides.
His shows almost always sell out, so get your tickets early, but get them.
Saturday Aug 18th, 7:30PM
Monday Aug 20th, 9:00PM
Friday Aug 24th, 10:30PM
Saturday Aug 25th, 9:00PM
Sunday Aug 26th, 1:30PM