So, what is a mystery? I’m no expert. If you look at the thirty-some reviews I’ve written for IndyFringe you’ll notice mostly comedies. I’m no drama ninja. I’m not even sure the correct genre for this play. Is Deadbeat a murder mystery, crime drama, or suspense noir, (okay I might have made up the last one.) However, I know this. I loved Deadbeat, and you will too.

It’s a Mystery

Matt is dead. The deadbeat is as dead as a doorknob. There can be no doubt about that. Has he met with foul play? Was he murdered? Could it be his long-suffering wife, her oldest friend, or? That’s the question.

It’s a Comedy

Some of the exchanges between characters brought laughter from the entire audience, not an easy thing to do with a dead husband splayed on an oriental rug between the two ladies.

It’s a Gotcha

I’m not often surprised with plot twists. I can usually see the hook coming, but not this show. It got me. I’m not saying anything more, no spoiler alert here. You’ll have to see for yourself.

It’s Professional

It was the premiere night, and one of the key actors was unavailable. Could it get any worse? I mean opening night? Assistant director Michelle Dabney filled the role admirably, had I not been told, I wouldn’t have known that she wasn’t the original cast member. She held her own with Zach Wyatt and Gabrielle Patterson who were both convincing in their roles. This told me a lot about the company. It informed me they were well-prepared by director Deborah Asante, professional, and they had a script that worked.

Written and produced by Speed City Sisters in Crime “Deadbeat” is a one-hour mystery filled with plot turns, humor, and surprises. I suggest you grab your program and mark this show right now. It’s on page 32. Or better yet click the link below and buy tickets now.

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