diva fest

Did you know that only 19% of all plays published nationally are written by woman.  It is n’t that we don’t have stories to tell, we do.  And DiviaFest. sponsored by IndyFringe  is one of the few places where woman can tell their stories.

This festival runs two weekends, featuring the work of 8 women play writes.  Come see one, two or check out all eight.  Our reviewers will be sharing their thoughts over the weekend.  We hope you will share your’s as well.

April 1-10, 2016 in the Indy Eleven Theatre! – Purchase tickets here

Each play is performed several times.  Here is the schedule:

Friday, April 1 – 6:00pm      True Love Waits

Friday, April 1 – 7:30pm      Zora’s Tales

Friday, April 1 – 9:00pm     Mother Ireland

Sat., April 2 -3:00pm         Fairy Godmother and Associates

Sat., April 2 – 4:30pm         What Is This Place?

Sat., April 2 – 6:00pm         Anna’s Wings

Sat., April 2 – 7:30pm         Short Plays By Divas

Sat., April 2 – 9:00pm         On The Pole

Sun., April 3 – 3:00pm         Zora’s Tales

Sun., April 3 – 4:30pm         True Love Waits

Sun., April 3 – 6:00pm         Mother Ireland

Sun., April 3 -7:30pm          What Is This Place?

Friday, April 8 – 6:00pm      On the Pole

Friday, April 8 – 7:30pm      Fairy Godmother and Associates

Friday, April 8 – 9:00pm      Anna’s Wings

Sat., April 9 – 3:00pm         Short Plays By Divas

Sat., April 9 – 4:30pm         Mother Ireland

Sat., April 9 – 6:00pm         What Is This Place?

Sat., April 9 – 7:30pm         True Love Waits

Sat., April 9 – 9:00pm         Zora’s Tales

Sun., April 10 – 3:00pm       Short Plays By Divas

Sun., April 10 – 4:30pm       Anna’s Wings

Sun., April 10 – 6:00pm       Fairy Godmother and Associates

Sun., April 10 – 7:30pm       On The Pole