Four Plays by DivasWhere else can you see seven plays by talented female playwrights?  Where else can you talk with the playwrights, directors and cast?  Short Plays by Divas part of DivaFest 2016, played last night to a full house of enthusiastic fans.  Four short plays all within one hour with different casts, directors and playwrights.  DivaFest is at Indy Fringe for a limited time so catch it the first two weekends in April.  Make plans early.  Reserving tickets on line is highly recommended.

The four short plays take place in one hour. The first, Mark Rufallo Must Die written by playwright Stacy Post.  Wyman and Coralie debate the merits of Mark Rufallo and stardom as they wait to be extras in his latest superhero movie.

Your Secret Beauty was written by Stacey Katz with actors from Carmel High School and a focus on telling the truth and secrets.  When do we tell the truth and when should a secret stay a secret?

Jackie Cornish, the playwright of One Woman’s Place, and I shared conversation and wine (Indy Fringe does have a bar) as we waited for the play to start.  This is her first play!!!  She is so excited.  Suze talks with her friend Cindy and son JJ as she prepares for her husband’s 65th birthday.

I also had a chance to talk with Playwright Enid Cokinos.  Her play Now and Then asks the question if women are really better of now or then?  She also wrote Fairy Godmother & Associates which plays again on Friday April 8th and April 10th.

Each play is an hour.  In this case, Short Plays by Divas took place in an hour.  This is a wonderful way to get a taste of DivaFest 2016 if you can just attend one play.  Although for those familiar with Indy Fringe, the fun is to come to Mass Ave. for one or more hour long plays, enjoy a meal and the sights and sounds of Mass Ave before or after or even in-between plays.  See Short Plays by Divas next Saturday April 9th at 3 or Sunday April 10th at 3.