We have been through a lot these last 18 months including war, virus, and political turmoil. In the face of all of that, comedian and story teller Stewart Huff wonders,  do jokes still work?

After spending an hour, mostly laughing, and occaionally tearing up, with Stewart I can definatively stay, yes they do!

He sets out on a mission to get us to love people again as he tells personal stories, and exploits of adventurers and scientists through history.  There are little moments that make you smile and glorious failures that make you laugh out loud as he passionately asserts that human beings are beautiful and creative.

The, show is tinged with a little sadness, lots of hope and a firm belief that that best of humanity can be found somewhere between chaos and comericalization.

If you are ready to laugh and embrace the little moments that make you happy, spend some of them with Stewart.

  • Saturday Aug 21 9:00
  • Saturday, Aug 28 1:30
  • Sunday Aug 29 9:00
  • Thursday Sept 2 6:00
  • Sunday Sept 5 6:00
stewart huff