I’ve never been part of a drinking game at Fringe until now. DRINK! This madcap crew of seven dranksphereian actors, with brew in hand, led a lively audience through an hour of something that loosely represented Romeo and Juliet. DRINK. I had no idea the line; “Did she swear to remain a virgin?” was in Romeo and Juliet—I must have missed this in the original. DRINK. Did you know Nurse Jackie was in the first act? She’s way scary dude. DRINK!

Bottoms Up

This version of the love-starved romance of teenagers from rival clans had email, text, SnapChat, emoji’s, and Juliet in distress lamenting from her tower window in agony, “What’s the Wi-Fi Password?” DRINK!
Nurse Jackie moved me when she explained to Romeo that Juliet was inexperienced and if he was looking for butt stuff it would be to no avail. DRINK. I nearly cried when Juliet, from her balcony, looked toward the audience and asked, “Who the F#&* is in my bushes?” DRINK. Did you know “Live long and prosper” was written by Shakespeare? Apparently so. DRINK.

Did I Mention DRINK?

After 15 minutes the packed house was totally invested and engaged. Laughter raised the roof. I’m surprised the audience didn’t yell out DRINK! (I thought about it, but I was too busy drinking). If you’re looking for a great time, fun, laughter, and a reason to DRINK! Then this show, brought to you by the talented people at Electricpond Theatre Company, is for you. The cast members Chelsea Gill, Eryn Bowser, Pat Mullen, Franki Bolda, Paige Scott, Matt Walls, and Evan Wallace had an obvious good time. And so will you. DRINK. The next show is Sunday 8/21 at 7:30 at Comedy Sportz.

Who is Electricpond?

“EclecticPond Theatre Company (ETC) is a non-profit company based in Indianapolis. ETC’s goal is to create imaginative and accessible theatre experiences with the power to engage and transform the lives of communities and young people. It aims to be one of the leading companies producing inventive and exciting adaptations of Shakespeare and other playwrights, enabling the works to become relevant and appealing to a new generation of audiences.” — ElectricPond.org

Show Schedule

Sun, Aug 21 7:30 pm
Mon, Aug 22 7:30 pm
Fri, Aug 26 6:00 pm
Sat, Aug 27 6:00 pm