Dudesical was a pleasant surprise to me. This last-minute addition the festival sounded intriguing, but I was skeptical – how could only two dude improvise a musical?

Well, I’ll tell you – they improvise it very well. I could tell you the plot of our show, one that revolved around a typical “failure to launch” 33 year old man. He aspires to be a singing telegramist, ends up working at Qdoba where he finds a girlfriend, gets coached by his parents how to “do it” and ultimately gets dumped at Chuck E Cheese with his parents in the kitchen, but it wouldn’t matter. The remaining shows will all be different- they mentioned that the show before us involved a meat monkey. Since this is improv, the audience provides the inspiration for the show. So be ready to shout out creative ideas when asked.

What I can tell you is that you will laugh, and then laugh some more. You will think, “No, they won’t go there…” and then they will go there. And when you are thinking, how can two dudes play three characters on stage at the same time, you will then see how they do it. And you will be wowed as they sing a song together, when you realize that they have no idea what the next lyrics will be.

Mostly though, you’ll laugh. I can’t tell you about what, ┬ábut know that you will.

Remaining Shows:

Wednesday Aug 23rd, 6:00PM
Thursday Aug 24th, 9:00PM
Friday Aug 25th, 7:30PM
Sunday Aug 27th, 4:30PM