This play is based on the tale of two cousins who fooled the world in one of the most magical hoaxes ever to be played! If you’re into mischievous maidens, fairy folklore, and ambitious adults, this might be the show for you.

While this show had a slow start, but it soon becomes intriguing and incredibly entertaining. This comes from hearing the story directly from Elsie and Frances themselves, in all their childish glory. With minimum cast and set they get really creative with its uses which adds to the charm of this piece. The only distracting feature is a projector that tells the audience what “chapter” the play is in at the current moment. While it was used in other instances, like for characters to deliver monologues behind, overall, it could have been done without.

The performances by the two lead actress are humorous and genuine. It’s clear that most of those performing in this production can go on to have acting careers if they so choose.

With all of these elements put together, it’s worth seeing this Fringe! Especially if you have a little one that might enjoy other pranksters as well.

photocredit: Dan Axler