Generations was a compilation of dance routines put together by Crossroads Dance Indy that progressed through different decades and moments in American history. It had a mixture of deep and nuanced approaches to these moments in history as well as some more light-hearted and fun experiences.

One dance sequence that was particularly striking dealt with the World War II era. The costuming was perfect, simple cotton polka-dot dresses in cheery colors. But the sound design and choreography made you think more critically about what you were hearing and seeing. It featured cheerful and triumphant songs that had snippets of haunting lyrics that were slowed down and repeated to draw attention to their disjointed nature. The song was cheerful, but the words spoke of the horrors of war and the intense violence and loss it created. It was a very moving experience.

Another moment worthy of recognition was the dance sequence that featured cartoon theme songs. It was nostalgic, it was fun, it was quirky, and it was just plain entertaining. It brought back memories of morning cartoons in your PJ’s with a bowl of sugar-packed cereal sitting in your lap. It was such a joy to watch and brought out the audience’s inner-child and laughter.

Overall, this whole experience was so carefully crafted to take you on a journey through dance, and the level of attention to detail should be commended. There were referential dance moves, thoughtful costuming choices, and choreography that showed such craft for creating moments of emotion and movement. The dancers truly took you on a journey through the generations of America.