Fairy Tales for Grown Ups declares right away this won’t be an ordinary re-telling of Snow White. No indeed, Laura Parker opens her show with a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. Not only does she use a more authentic narrative for the story itself, she twists the story at the end. See, Beauty falls in love with a wild beast, not a handsome prince. What if Beauty remains in love (and lust!) with the wilder side of her prince?

Welcome to Fairy Tales for Grown Ups, by Laura Parker. This one woman show is a series of three stories with a their own special grown up twist. One of the stories is performed Mad Lib style, with adjectives being supplied by the audience. Another story makes Jack and the Beanstalk about a girl named Jack who has a love affair with the giantess she meets in the sky. Regular bedtime tales, these are not.

Historically told to young children as morality sketches, fairy tales in the modern era are often purged of their shadow narratives. Laura Packer – storyteller, writer and real-time dreamer – earned a degree in Folklore and Mythology from Boston University. Her academic background enables her to imagine new interpretations of familiar stories that are just dying to be heard.

Like all fairy tales, Parker has morals and lessons for us to learn along the way. In one of her pieces, the main character is quite plain in appearance until she climbs up on a magical mule. How often do we feel invisible until we are lifted up? And even then, is the attention authentic or do we feel like imposters?

So if you enjoy a fresh take on a familiar favorite, want to know if the prince gets the girl, or prefer to think of your fairy tale heroes as queer, check out Fairy Tales for Grown Ups this Fringe!