Let me begin with this because it’s all you need to know. Go see this show. You can read further if you like, but there’s no need. Put Fallen From The Toy Box on your Indy Fringe 19 must see list. You’ll thank me for it.


Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of Indy Fringe shows, and I can’t think of anyone I enjoy more than these three super talented performers. How can I describe what they do? They’re world-class musicians, dancers, comedians, contortionist … they’re entertainers.

What is the Fourth Wall?  

I’m sure you know that the term fourth wall is a conceptual barrier that separates performers from the audience. What you might not know is that this troupe, The Forth Wall, obliterate the barrier. They do so in every performance I’ve seen, and that’s easily one-half dozen or more. But in this show the ensemble not only knocks down the partition, but they bring the entire audience back to their childhood with them. No, that’s not quite right, they bring out the inner kid in us. They helped us experience the childlike joy of wonder.

Child-Like Wonder 

It wasn’t long into the show that we were all playing right alone with Hilary Abigana, C. Neil Parsons, and Greg Jukes. Greg asked a few of the audience to think of fond childhood memories and then blow them into balloons, which he handed out. Suddenly there were balloons everywhere falling from the sky, and the entire audience became children playing with balloons. In a moment of silence, a toddler clapped her hands and yelled Yea! My sentiments exactly.

Ballet Slippers and a Tutu skirt

Did I tell you the show opened with C. Neil sword-fighting using his trombone slide, while Hilary, a full-size wind-up toy, stood on her toes in ballet slippers and full-length tutu as she played the flute. As she wound down, C. Neil would use his slide as a key to rewind her. And then there was Greg’s drum solo … and there was more. You will reminisce, laugh, think, and feel the childlike joy of wonder. Like I said, go see this show.

Produced by:

The Fourth Wall- Boston, MA

“From the award-winning creators of “Fruit Flies Like a Banana” come tales of youth and consequences. Inspired by our discarded mementos, this musical reverie revisits fairy tales, childhood games, and the secret life of toys. FIVE STARS – CBC & Winnipeg Free Press. “So beautiful you might get a little verklempt.”

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Monday Aug 19th, 9:00PM

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Thursday Aug 15th, 6:00PM

Saturday Aug 17th, 6:00PM

Sunday Aug 18th, 1:30PM

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