Flourish – A Modern Dance Showcase” features works by Stefanie Allen, Brittany Bain, Tommy Lewey, Sara Little, Rachel Mack, and Debra Silveus McGaha. The modern dance showcase includes nine different pieces, each rhythmic and unique.

If you have an appreciation for movement and style, you will love this show! Don’t worry if you are a dance novice (like me) — you don’t need to “know the difference” between modern dance and ballet to appreciate the creative expression in “Flourish.”

If you are curious, the individuals who started the modern dance movement in the early 20th century wanted to liberate themselves from the strictness of ballet, so they began to experiment with more liberated dancing  – barefoot! Modern dance has a lack of turn-out legs and pointed feet (common to ballet), as well as a more aggressive and dramatic music and themes.

“Flourish” really is a stunning collaboration of modern dance, music, and visual art! The powerful performance is the result of a beautiful collaboration between local choreographers and dancers. It’s emotional. It’s physical. It’s visual. It’s awesome!

One of the many benefits of attending the IndyFringe Festival is taking in a dance showcase! The intimate theater setting gives audiences a unique opportunity to be up-close-and-personal with the dancers. Because of the short distance between you and the talented dancers, you can feel the swish of their movements – it’s very exciting!

Still not sure if this is the show for you? Watch a preview below.