It’s hard to review Carmel High School’s production of Girls Like That without giving the plot away. I’ve been thinking about this show for nearly 24 hours, which is a sign that this is a story that needed to be told.

We meet the main characters all at once- six teen girls who’ve been together since they were admitted to a selective private school at the age of five. We watch them grow from carefree friends to characters from something like the movies Heathers or Mean Girls. But even at age 5, these seemingly innocent girls are aware of the pecking order.

Girls Like That deals with adolescent social strata in the context of the digital world. Scandals used to spread by word of mouth, which was damaging enough. Now they spread by text, to large quantities of people in a push of button. When a photo of Scarlet goes viral, an interesting experiment in human nature is set into motion.

This show comes with an ages 12 and up warning. Mature junior high students can probably handle it, but be forewarned words like whore and slut are tossed about hatefully, promiscuity is a topic, and the mob mentality portrayed could terrify an incoming high school freshman.

The cast of this show – the seven girls (the six on stage most of the show + Scarlet) are immensely talented. They carried this dialogue heavy show with good pacing, and each played a range of nameless characters in the story. The girl-power soundtrack was fantastic, and the unique way of telling the story made for interesting theater. If you are the parent of a teen, put this show on your calendar.

The simple set of Girls Like That tells a powerful story.

The simple set of Girls Like That tells a powerful story.

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