I first met comedy hypnotist Ray Adams in the audience of The Circus of Joy where he impressed us all with his ability to juggle knives. At the time, he was dressed in a Ghostbusters coverall costume and I had no idea that he was also a performer. He made me laugh during the Circus, and he made me laugh even harder during his IndyFringe Theatre Festival show at the Indy Eleven Theatre. You may have seen him walking around the festival as well; he was sporting an impressive red sash and wild blond hair.

“Hair Raising Hypnotist … come sleep with me” is the latest and incredibly funny show from Ray Adams. During the performance, the audience volunteers to become the hypnotist’s personal comedy troupe. Each performance is done in a “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” style, so no two shows will be the same. The combination of comedy tailored to each audience and hypnosis creates a fun atmosphere where everyone laughs, laughs, and laughs. It also provides a rare opportunity for audience members to become stars of the show.

Be wary, though … hypnosis can open the floodgates on some pretty silly behavior; in fact, one of the participants on Sunday was wholeheartedly convinced that she had 11 fingers! This show is family friendly, but please keep in mind that there is absolutely no way to know ahead of time what the participants are going to say and do!

What I like most about this show is the overall energy of Ray Adams; he is quick on his feet and works hard to get the audience to not only participate, but enjoy themselves. The unpredictable nature of hypnosis is also exciting.

You can learn more about “Hair Raising Hypnotist … come sleep with me” and buy tickets online here.