Don’t get me wrong, Nardos Osterhart is funny, she proved that in the second half of Halfricon, but I would’ve been enthralled with her story had she not told one joke. The beginning of her show was the true story of how she made her way into this world and became the person she is today. Her humor was a bonus. Her story moved me.

Born in Ethiopia during a time of unrest and disruption her family moved to Nigeria. Her time in Nigeria was short lived followed by a stint in Zambia, then when she was three-years-old her family moved to Germany. Although many Germans looked down on her and her family with an Immigrants go home attitude, she was loved and supported by two host families. In 1982 her family received a visa from the US embassy and settled in, wait for it, Oklahoma.

Beyond Her Years

At Five years old Nardos was experienced beyond her years in cultural shock, and Oklahoma was that. Eventually, her parents split. She stayed with her father. She moved to Dallas with her Mother. She moved back with her father. She went to college and met the love of her life. She became a nurse. They married, moved to Michigan, and now are the proud parents of 10-year-old twin daughters. I went through that like a downhill skier didn’t I?

Here’s the Point

How could anyone who had been through so much, fought so hard to be accepted, yet continue to see the good, and find the humor in life. Faced with the changes in culture, climate, and language she experienced, how did this Halfrican not only survive but prevail?  For me that’s her story, even more so than how she left nursing and became a standup comic Nardos Osterhart: Accidental Comedy.  If you want to laugh with Nardos, you’ll get the chance. She’s funny. But see her for her story of hope and fearlessness.

Would you keep an Eye on my Backpack please?

Her German host’s passed the altruism test. They watched over her with love and support. The altruism test is simple, leave belongings unattended such as a backpack, and if someone steals it most people won’t get involved, but if you ask someone to watch your belongings, they’ll protect them. At the end of the show, I headed to the restroom. I left my backpack on the table. As I passed Nardos, I asked if she would watch my bag. She did. We both laughed. But we knew the truth. She passed the test. Your last chance to see her is tomorrow, August 22 at 6:00 pm. You should be there.