Lets face it Shakespeare was a good story teller, but a bit long winded.  Who really needs to sit through a four hour performance of Hamlet? I mean, how much moping do you really need to see?

Well thanks to Timothy Mooney you don’t have to.  He has boiled down the entire play into a lively one hour, ( well 1:00:53 the night we saw it) filled with murder, intrigue and a humor.

He does this by summarizing the scenes between the important soliloquies for which the play is famous.  The summaries, using a mixture of old and modern English are told at top speed, as he dashes round the stage to bring the story of the prince of Denmark to life. Even if you are not really familiar with the story, the summarizes make it easy to follow the plot.

The setting is intimate. You are just a few feet from the performer and it is easy to feel as if he is talking directly to you as he ponders “To be or not to be” or commands “Ophelia to Get thee to a nunnery.”  

I have to agree with Allison Carter’s review in the Indy Star “This is the way Shakespeare should be taught — heard, lived, experienced, not trying to capture music on a printed page”.

There is just one more opportunity to see this incredibly talented performer