472.mediumOne look at the Harrison flyer and I knew I had to see the show. I mean, do you see what they did there? It’s a play on, well, a play, that rhymes with Bamilton. So I was all in before the festival even opened.

I was able to get tickets in advance for the Sunday night performance, and with the  potential for more sellouts, I recommend getting them online. Leave your kids at home, and anyone else who doesn’t enjoy a solid F-bomb at home. Bring your theater & pop-culture loving friends, especially if they’ve lived in Indiana long enough to know a smattering of history. Then sit back, relax and laugh yourselves silly.

Harrison, as the players will tell you, is an improv show. There’s a loose framework to the scenes and the story being told- but the direction the show takes depends entirely on what’s fed to the actors. The audience determines what influences will be present in the show- for Sunday evening’s performance, for example, had William Henry Harrison incorporating themes and lines from Cinderella, Tecumseh quoting Big Momma’s House, and his brother the prophet working in Downton Abbey. No, really, it did. Each cast member had either a classic fairytale or a modern TV show or movie to work into their character. The references would work their way into raps and lines at any time, often with hysterical results. It would have been helpful to have cards with that info listed- with  seven cast members, it was sometimes hard to track. But “a-sad-sack-like-lady-Edith” is a line I won’t soon forget.

Meanwhile, an actual story unfolds about the less-than-admirable future President Harrison, the governor who replaces him (Jonathon Jennings) and their relationship with Tecumseh. I found the history interesting, since this is Indiana’s Bicentennial year. Like the Broadway Musical that focuses on our country’s founding, this gives some good information about our state’s beginnings. And, for fans, Aaron Burr makes a 30 second appearance in this show too, and it’s historically accurate. Heh. “Bippity, Boppity, Boo, Bitch!” (Sorry, that probably won’t happen in your show. But it totally happened in mine.)


  • Tuesday, August 23 at 9pm
  • Saturday, August 27 at 1:30pm
  • Sunday, August 28 at 4:30pm