History, improve and hip hop music all rolled into one fun hour.

This is a very loose history lesson, of the rise to the presidency of William Henry Harrison. If you aren’t a Hoosier by birth, and are not familiar with this period of history, a quick trip to Wikipedia before the show will help set the tone.

There is a general outline of scenes,but performance is improvised, so it will be different every time it is performed.

The audience helps set the tone by suggesting different plays and shows to give each of the performers a style for their character. In the performance I saw the suggestions ranged from The Godfather and Little Shop of Horrors to Harry Potter and the Sound of music.

With so many performers, many who played several parts it was hard for the audience to remember  the assignments.  And at times it seemed hard for the performers to remember as well.

When they did it led to laugh out loud bits. One of Harrison’s advisers an unscrupulous landowner kept reciting lines from the Godfather. The other guided by Little Shop of Horrors roared his requests to be fed.

The downside of this style was that if you weren’t familiar with a particular show, the references and the humor went right over your head.

My favorite parts of the show were when the cast built on the energy of one performer and turned a single line into a chorus. The effect filled the room with energy.

Overall the performance was a bit uneven, as some of the cast are masters of the hip hop style, and others aren’t. But the overall effect was a fun, lively hour.  And when you see it, the show will be different.

Warnings:  There is adult language so the show is not appropriate for children.

Three Shows Left

IndyFringe Basile Theatre:
719 E. St. Clair St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

  • Tue 08/23/16 9:00pm
  • Sat 08/27/16 1:30pm
  • Sun 08/28/16 4:30pm