Haunted – Stories Told and True” will thrill and chill you during the IndyFringe Festival! The show is a wonderful combination of storytelling, spoken word, and improv from Niemi and Packer Productions.

When you think about it, who doesn’t love a good ghost story? Aren’t scary movies one of Hollywood’s most successful genres? There is something satisfying about getting scared!

“Haunted” storytellers Laura Packer and Loren Niemi tell real, creepy, funny, lovely, terrifying stories about the things that haunt us and keep us awake at night. Not the typical “ghost” stories you hear around the campfire, these are tales of vampires, monsters, bad relationships and life gone horribly wrong.

The show opened with Loren sharing a person tale from his childhood. A routine cub scouts camping trip was cut short after monsoon-like conditions make survival impossible. One night was enough to have a lasting impact!

We also learned some local folklore from Laura. She told us about a strange woman in a gray dress that ran out of the corner convenience store for several days in a row with bottles of (stolen) milk then disappear. When later followed, she is discovered lying dead in a fresh grave, alongside a living baby and empty milk bottles.

When asked for a few elements to include in the next story, the audience suggested “horse-drawn carriage” “glass coffin” and “serial killers” – it was fun anticipating where Loren would weave these elements into his improvised story. Spoiler alert: he fit in all three! Finally, Lauren opened up about losing her husband and how they connected after his passing. Her story about being haunted was sincere and relatable.

Don’t worry – the duo promised no story repeats, so each performance will be different. One story does require some audience participation, so come prepared to share a few ghoulish ideas! Because of the “haunted” theme, use caution before bringing little ones.