If you see board member and long-time fringe fan, Martha Karatz on the street during the festival be sure to stop and ask her what she has seen, and what she loved.  Here are just a few snippets of what she is likely to say:


So moving and so well executed, it deserves to go Off Broadway (which is where it is headed!). The only reason the stand ovation stopped was because they had to clear the theater! Don’t miss.

Woody Sed

Well crafted, well-acted, beautiful singing, and so very moving. Brings a whole new light to “This Land is Your Land.”

Stewart Huff

Be a rebel. Be brave. Be a hero. Bring a non-Fringer to Sense Ain’t Common! (If sense were so common, people would have more of it.)

Chronic Single’s Handbook

So well written and performed. Join this journey and learn something about yourself.