I didn’t know much about Mandee McKelvey and her show before I went to see How I Got my Warts Prayed Off. However, I knew one thing, Stewart Huff recommended this a show, and that was enough for me. Thank you, Stewart. I’m glad I went.

Notes, Notes, and More Notes 

So, I took more notes during this show than any other Indy Fringe show I’ve reviewed in the 15th season. The notes are all positive and funny, but the thing is I’m not going to use a lot of my notes because it’s Mandee’s show, not mine. Oh sure, I have to share a few of the bards from this non-coastal, land of trailers, country raised South Carolina girl like, her description of her church  growing up, the Southern Baptist Convention, “ It’s like Christianity, and acute mental illness collide.” Or like when she was attending economics class and thought if her teacher really understood economics, she wouldn’t be teaching. There’s more, one hour’s worth to be exact, but like I say, it’s her show. If you want to hear more, and trust me you do, you’ll just have to go.

It’s a Very Funny Show About Things that Aren’t Funny 

This show is funny, so don’t misunderstand what I’m about to tell you. During the show, Mandee shares the trials and tribulations of her life, a fatal shooting, cancer, surgery, car wrecks, and of course warts. But what moved me as much as anything is that regardless of the tragedy she faced, she found the humor, and isn’t that what we humans do to survive?

Drive on Over to Indy 11 and See How I Got my Warts Prayed Off!

You have two more chances to see Mandee in action. You should trust Stewart Huff who said, “If you don’t like Mandee’s show then I don’t trust you to drive a car.” So, drive your car over to the Indy 11 Theater Thursday, Saturday, or both and see this show.

Warnings: Language / Religion / Abuse

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Performance Times

Thursday Aug 22nd, 7:30PM

Saturday Aug 24th, 9:00PM