If you haven’t been to a fringe opening night celebration, you’re missing out. There’s excitement in the air, the mayor was wearing a colorful sash (don’t see that every day, now do ya?) The Indy Eleven team and free food from Bazbeaux pizza, Insomnia Cookies, and Long’s Baker, but the highlight of the evening—the reason we are there is the 2015 Fringe acts each have two minutes to promote their show.

There were a few that weren’t on my list that are now

This won’t be fair because (1) I’m not going to get to everyone and (2) not everyone has the same tastes, Thank goodness. Here are a few shows that sold me in two minutes.

  • Camp Summer Camp – Hilarious from the get go. I can’t wait to get to camp. I wonder what they did with the stilts from last year.
  • Ca-Ching a Modern American Religious Drama – Drama, comedy, music–check. I’m in. I think they held the sign upside down on purpose.
  • Threads Tonya Jone Miller gave an amazing performance of a pregnant women stopping a moving plane. You’ll have to see it to understand.
  • Cocooned in Kazan – The chase scene sold me. How do you manage an effective chase scene with one man and two women in Russian peasant turn-of-the-century attire? They did it.
  • Bromance This review is the kindest one I could find. “Fitzpatrick has one of those obsessive pop culture nerd brains, and doesn’t mind devolving into Star Wars references at the slightest provocation, which actually is OK – at least everyone gets those.” Calgary Herald I loved what I saw, but then again I’m a bit of a nerd.

A few shows on my go see list reinforced my choice

The Eulogy  Michael Burgos knelt on the edge of the stage, in a black jacket, and became a small boy—Thomas. He transformed in front of my very eyes. My friend sitting next to me looked over after Michael’s two minutes and said one word, “Brilliant.

Laughing Sober  Was on my list because I’ve been involved with a few friends who have made this journey. He didn’t disappoint. Rick Garrett is a very punny and sober man.

Jason Adams is a God Damn Mind Reader He had me at God Damn! I not sure how to describe it, it was jam packed with energy, fun, and serious silliness. I can’t wait.

Ghost Story  Peter-john Byrnes is a funny man. His two minutes left me wanting more. And who can’t resist a graveyard visit to an ex-girlfriend?
Growing Up All Over Myself  Mat Alano-Martin said it best himself, “Why age gracefully when you can have fun instead?” I’m in.

The Shout OK it started off fine, street person, cop, dialogue, and then she got in the sleeping bag head first and continued the conversation. I about lost it. FUNNY.

And my favorites I can’t wait to see again

Stewart Huff Road Stories I’ve seen Stewart twice, here’s what I had to say about the last show. . Add Stewart Huff to Your Must See List. You better get tickets before it’s sold out

Fruit Flies like a Banana: Alphabetical Disorder  I love the Fourth Wall Troop. If they’re anywhere close to Indy, I’m going. And you should too. Better hurry the tickets will go fast.

Working Titles  Jeremy Schaefer’s IndyFringe show from last year “Not a Destination” was my favorite surprise find of the 2014 Fringe. He’s a storyteller/comedian/actor. You’ll be enthralled.

Are you ready?

Let’s go fringing all y’all. Give me hollar. I’ll be on Mass Ave the next two weeks. You’ll recognize me I’ll be the one with the ear-to-ear smile.

Tickets are available for purchase by phone 317-445-3542, at venue box offices and online IndyFringe.